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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Star That Shines So Bright

The star that shines so bright In the sky so high I look at this star in amazement It gives my heart so much excitement Out of all the stars in the sky This one has capture my inner eye The star that shine so bright This star will forever remain in my sight Your precious love I will always crave With this love my heart is saved Forever you Will have my attention For everything else is just fiction The star that shine so bright To keep your heart I will fight In your love there is perfection For our souls there is a extraordinary connection Loving you until the end is my destiny Having you until death is my greatest fantasy The star that shines so bright I will away love you I will remain in your light by Timothy

Monday, December 28, 2009


I was watching 60 MINUTE last night [12/28/09].California is running out of water.I thought to myself how is that possible they live by a OCEAN,so i watched.They were showing all the crops that have died because of no water.California use to grow all kinds of fruit but that's no more.The WATER Shortage [YEAH RIGHT] is so bad that they are having to cut peoples water off to there home.The GOVERNOR ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is calling it a three year drought.Wake up YOU live by a OCEAN,it doesn't matter how long the drought is.So i continue watching,the Governor was saying that he told all the cities that they had to cut there water supply 20% by 2014.Now remember we live on a planet that is cover by 80% water and there state is right by the OCEAN.So I continue watching,then they started showing rivers dammed up.I thought to myself theirs your problem,take the cork out,let the rivers flow.Then they got to the reason why the rivers were dammed.When they said it i just sit there shaking my head.The reason they are running out of water is,get this,it is some kind of little fish.Its not even a fish its like a little sea cumber,I don't think it even moves it just sits there on a rock.This little thing was dieing out.So they dammed up the rivers,so it could live.I thought,ARE U KIDDING ME.FARMS ARE DIEING,PEOPLE ARE GETTING THERE WATER TURN OFF BECAUSE OF THIS.This is what happens when we let liberal minded people take over.Environmentalist are so crazy,they will pick a fish over a human.God put us on this planet to live,not to kill our self out.California reminds me of a story in the Bible call Sodom&Gomorrah.Didn't God kill them by fire.Maybe that's the reason they have all of them fires.Maybe God is in heaven shooting fire down on to them,burning them up like Sodom&Gomorrah.I know there is a scientific reason they have so many wild fires, just a thought. What is going on over there is what happens when liberals,environmentalist like PETA are in control.Which are the people in control of our GOVERNMENT now.If we as a people don't wake up and realize what going on,WE ARE NOT GOING TO SURVIVE AS A PEOPLE.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I was watching MIKE&MIKE ON ESPN on Wednesday[12/23/2009]the regular guys were off.They had Erik and Mark in for them.They were talking about your normal news like tiger,baseball,football postseason,etc....Until it happen a NFL insider Adam Schefter call in and was talking about the Chicago Bears wither the coach[Lovie Smith] was going to be there next season.He was saiding that NFL teams were going broke that they might not have the money to pay them next season.That when Erica said are you tell me that there might be no football next season!!!!!Then Mark cut them off and said nobody wants to hear that & changed the subject.NO FOOTBALL how is that possible,is the giant going to fall.All we have heard is that the NFL is this organization with plenty of money that cannot be touch.How could this,not be news it should be on every channel but there not saying much about it.News organization think that we are dumb I guess.The question I have is,How are they going broke?My answerer is THERE NOT I think its a conspiracy.I think the government is putting pressure on them to take NFL OVER.The government don't like a company to make that much money without them in control.Which I hate,this is supposed to be a free country but they are taking them every day with nobody doing anything about it. If you want want to hear Adam Schefter call in to the show.Go to mike & mike in the mornning, on there page scroll down to NFL insider Adam Schefter.